Pre-Flight Info

Passenger Dress Code

For your comfort and enjoyment, we recommend you wear casual, comfortable clothing. Solid, flat footwear is essential (no high heels or sandals, please!) and long pants are recommended. Because our flights start just after sunrise, we recommend wearing layers that you can shed as the temperatures rise throughout the morning. It is not colder in the air than on the ground, but a cap or hat will protect your head from the sun and the warmth of the burners.

Passenger Restrictions

In order to fly, passengers must be in good physical condition due to the possibility of a rough landing. All passengers must be able to climb in and out of the basket, stand for the entire flight and walk out of a field if necessary.

As a result, we require that all of our guests meet the following minimum requirements to be allowed to fly:

For the safety of all our passengers, we cannot fly any passenger who have had in the past 2 years, or currently have, the following medical issues:

Our regular office hours are 10am-5pm MT for reservations and general questions.

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