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The first passengers ever in a hot air balloon were a rooster, sheep, and goose. Do you think they put the balloon together themselves?

Aviation has always had a need for ground crew, and hot air balloons have their own special type of crew, called chase crew! Chase crew are as instrumental to ballooning as the pilots themselves. If this piques your interest, join our team, with no prior experience needed. This is a fun and physical job, perfect for early risers who want an outside job that is unique and social with commitment flexibility.

Chase crew help to assemble and inflate the hot air balloons, interacting with passengers to ensure safety and a fun experience. They aid pilots in landing, informing them about wind and terrain conditions, and disassemble and put away the equipment post-flight, ensuring the equipment stays in good working and safe order.
Many hands make light work so the chase crew must be reliable and work well as a team.

Additionally, chase crew assist their crew chiefs to complete daily checklists and any additional activities that present themselves. No two days are the same at Wyoming Balloon Company, which keeps this job interesting and exciting!

We are always on the lookout for additions to join our hot air balloon chase crew!

Our regular office hours are 10am-5pm MT for reservations and general questions.