Hot Air Balloon Rides

The Ultimate Float Trip

Your Grand Teton Hot Air Balloon Tour begins at daybreak when our experienced team meets your party in Teton Village, Wyoming. We will shuttle you to our launching location that is determined by daily weather patterns. Your experience begins with the inflation of the balloon by fans. Once the envelope is filled, we ignite our propane burners and in about 30 minutes, your balloon is ready for flight. Our expert crew will assist your party into an assigned compartment in our wicker basket where you will join your pilot for an exciting hot air balloon flight!

As you softly rise above the earth, you will be enchanted by 360 degree views of the Grand Tetons, Snake River, and beautiful Jackson Hole. Our pilots will deftly maneuver your balloon to various altitudes, up to 1,000 feet with spectacular views of the valley, down to hundreds of feet above the ground to view wildlife such as elk and moose. On average, your balloon flight will last an hour when you will gently touch down into the safe arms of our crew.

Once landed, you will enjoy a traditional champagne or sparkling cider toast with your pilot as our crew packs up your balloon. We will shuttle you back to our meeting location and send you off to enjoy your next amazing Grand Teton adventure. Please schedule 4 hours of your morning for the full hot air balloon experience.

Group Rides

Our most popular option! Group rides are shared experiences and a great option whether you're a solo adventurer or a party of early morning revelers.

Private Rides

The perfect option for special occasions such as proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings. If you're looking for an exclusive ride for any size party, this is the option for you.

Corporate rides

The Wyoming Balloon Company can accommodate large groups. If you're interested in reserving our experience for a corporate event, please email or call us for details.

Promotional rides

Due to our stunning location, it is not unheard of for us to collaborate with media or promotions. If you're interested in knowing more about working with us for a photoshoot or television show, please contact us via email.

Pricing upon request


When is the Safest Time to fly?

Sunrise offers the calmest winds and coldest temperatures making it the safest time of day to fly. We only offer morning flights in Jackson Hole when the winds are the most predictable. As the day progresses and solar heating affects the wind’s temperature and speed, the winds in the valley become unpredictable, making it unsafe for passenger flights. Our start time is just after sunrise. As the season progresses, and the sun rises later, so does our start time.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Hot air balloon rides make wonderful gifts! If you are interested in gifting someone the magical experience of ballooning, reach out to us to purchase a gift certificate. Gift certificates are purchased at the current flight rate and can be purchased in our off season. Gift certificates can be purchased for either group or private flight options. You will be emailed a gift certificate that you can print off or forward to the recipient. Gift certificates expire after two seasons.

What happens if the weather is poor?

Hot air balloons are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Aeronauts (hot air balloon pilots) study weather well before a choice is made to go for a flight. For your safety, we reserve the right to cancel your flight due to poor weather conditions at any time. When we make the decision to cancel, it is done with thorough study and knowledge of weather predictions. We would much rather be in the air, but often it is safest on the ground. We recommend you book early in your visit to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons so we have an opportunity to reschedule your hot air balloon flight in the case of a cancellation. If a reschedule is not a possibility, you will be refunded your deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations for parties of 6 or less made 72 hours or more in advance will be fully refunded. Weather cancellations made by the company will also be fully refunded.

Cancellations for parties of 6 or less within 72 hours of the flight may not be refunded. However, if you are showing symptoms of sickness, please let us know immediately.

Cancellations for parties of 7 or more made within 30 days of flight may not be refunded.