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In order for a hot air balloon to fly, an entire team of pilots, crew leaders, and chase crew must work together. Wyoming Balloon Company employees often range from students, retirees, professionals, and adventurers who all seek a fun summer job that offers adventure and room to grow.

Chase crew get to work with seasoned balloon pilots who are an incredible resource of knowledge and wisdom. Working in conjunction with the pilots and each other, great crew members are conscientious team players who work hard and show initiative.

Margaret Rose Breffeilh

Margaret Rose Breffeilh spent her childhood summers riding in balloons with her uncle all around the state of Wyoming. While in college she was offered the opportunity to chase for him in Jackson Hole, Wy. and quickly became enchanted. In 2003 she began her journey to becoming a commercial balloon pilot while completing her college degree in Chicago for Choreography. She received her private rating in 2005 and commercial certificate in 2008. Margaret then opened Elevated Ballooning in 2011 in Jackson Hole and also took on the roles of organizer and balloonmeister for the Teton Valley Balloon Rally. After a few years she moved Elevated Ballooning to Idaho. Since 2021, Margaret Rose has followed her Uncle’s footsteps to take on the management role of the Wyoming Balloon Co. while also continuing her business and volunteer obligations in Idaho. Margaret has flown in numerous balloon events all over the west and has experience flying in the tiniest of balloons (cloud hoppers) to some of the largest (passenger ride balloons which can take up to 20 people). In the winter (the local off season for ballooning) she spends time with her family and dotes on her feisty Chihuahua. She loves sharing her passion for ballooning and looks forward to meeting new people through flying.

Andrew Breffeilh

Known as ‘Uncle Fun’ in the family, Andy brings his infectious joi de vivre to generations of aeronauts in Jackson Hole. A pilot since Sweet Sixteen, Andy has mastered Airplanes, Gliders and Balloons as well as Aerial Search and Rescue and Ski Patrol.

A varsity sailor at the Naval Academy and a Flight Instructor in law school, the fun has never wavered while the degrees piled up. From whitewater rafting and kayaking to paddle boarding in the Pacific, from windsurfing, kiteboarding and wing-foiling, to racing an America’s Cup 12 Meter, the sea renews him. Andy has flown paragliders and hang gliders over the Rockies and the Alps, and surfed the big swells on Sunset Beach. He has stalked Elephant and Rhino in the Serengeti by balloon, and can’t wait to float you over our resident wild elk herds.

Richard Glas

Richard has been involved with aviation since his college days. He took Ground School in his junior year as an elective course, and Flight Lessons his senior year after which he received his Fixed Wing pilot license just before graduation. One of his best memories of college was taking his father up for his first small plane flight the day before he graduated.
He got involved in ballooning by helping put on the first Governors Cup Balloon Race in Arizona in 1974. He got his first balloon ride during that event and a few years later started crewing for balloons in the Phoenix area. He received his Lighter-Than-Air rating in 1980 and has been flying balloons ever since, mostly over the western US, Chicagoland, and Australia.

When not flying with the Wyoming Balloon Company, he participates in balloon rallies all over the western US. His two favorite places to fly are Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe. He has been flying with the Wyoming Balloon Company since 2008.


Alisa started her balloon career in Phoenix, Arizona chasing balloons through the iconic Sonoran desert. Her love for balloons has only grown from there and coupled with her love of travel, has taken her to many incredible places. Flying over the black hills in South Dakota, participating in the worlds largest balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or Spotting wildlife while flying near saguaro national park are some of her favorite ballooning highlights. Alisa has been enjoying her first season flying in Jackson hole and is excited to share the experience with others! If you want to swap travel stories, Ask her about her adventures backpacking though South East Asia or driving to Alaska.

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