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In order for a hot air balloon to fly, an entire team of pilots, crew leaders, and chase crew must work together. Wyoming Balloon Company employees often range from students, retirees, professionals, and adventurers who all seek a fun summer job that offers adventure and room to grow.

Chase crew get to work with seasoned balloon pilots who are an incredible resource of knowledge and wisdom. Working in conjunction with the pilots and each other, great crew members are conscientious team players who work hard and show initiative.

Margaret Rose Breffeilh

Margaret Rose Breffeilh spent her childhood summers riding in balloons with her uncle all around the state of Wyoming. While in college she was offered the opportunity to chase for him in Jackson Hole, Wy. and quickly became enchanted. In 2003 she began her journey to becoming a commercial balloon pilot while completing her college degree in Chicago for Choreography. She received her private rating in 2005 and commercial certificate in 2008. Margaret then opened Elevated Ballooning in 2011 in Jackson Hole and also took on the roles of organizer and balloonmeister for the Teton Valley Balloon Rally. After a few years she moved Elevated Ballooning to Idaho. Since 2021, Margaret Rose has followed her Uncle’s footsteps to take on the management role of the Wyoming Balloon Co. while also continuing her business and volunteer obligations in Idaho. Margaret has flown in numerous balloon events all over the west and has experience flying in the tiniest of balloons (cloud hoppers) to some of the largest (passenger ride balloons which can take up to 20 people). In the winter (the local off season for ballooning) she spends time with her family and dotes on her feisty Chihuahua. She loves sharing her passion for ballooning and looks forward to meeting new people through flying.

Amanda Pearl Brodbeck

Amanda Pearl Brodbeck has wanted a hot air balloon since she was three. Flight has always been a point of fascination for her and takes any opportunity to get her feet off the ground. She is an avid paraglider pilot and has flown in multiple countries and states. She has also been involved in the aerospace industry designing command and data handling for satellites. However, hot air balloons held a special place in her heart as the most enchanting form of flight.

Amanda loves adventure and the great outdoors. When she is not flying she loves rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and camping. She also enjoys dancing, art, and building things. Her absolute favorite thing to do is flying hot air balloons and sharing the joy of flight with others. Eventually she decided to quit her job as an electrical engineer to do ballooning full time.


Born and raised in the world capital of ballooning (Albuquerque, NM), Cameron jumped in a basket at a very young age and received his pilot license at just 17 years of age. At 19, he was already a part of the Junior US National Team and participated at 2018 Junior World Championships. Considered as the most promising talent of the country, Cameron is enjoying flying in the Mojave Desert when he is not preparing for his next big hot air balloon competition.

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