Frequently Asked Questions

Before you book your adventure, we understand that you may want to know more about the experience. Here are some asked and answered questions that we frequently encounter!

Who, What, When, Where?

Who: We are happy to offer this adventure to mature, able-bodied people, ages 6 and up!

What: A mountain hot air balloon adventure!
Length: The flight lasts about an hour, give or take. Since our flights are weather-dependent, certain variables may affect the length of the flight. Regardless of length, the memory lasts a lifetime!
The whole adventure, from inflation to post-landing celebration, lasts about 3 hours.

When: Daybreak
When the first pink rays of the sun are bathing the Tetons in marvelous pastel. The winds are the calmest of the day, the wildlife is often seen, and there is not a better way to start the day.
The adventure starts between 6:15-6:45 a.m. and often finishes around 9:30 a.m.

Where: Jackson Hole, WY
Meeting: We request our passengers meet with us at a designated location in Teton Village, where we provide a shuttle to our launch location down the road. Specific meeting details will be made clear upon booking.
Flights: We fly over the largest remaining private open space in Jackson Hole, a working ranch bordered by Grand Teton National Park, the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and the Snake River. The Teton Mountain Range rises five thousand feet right from our launch site, without foothills. Commanding views of the Jackson Hole Ski and Mountain Resort, Teton Village, and all of Jackson Hole and seven mountain ranges, including the Yellowstone Plateau.

What physical condition does a passenger need to be in?

Taking a hot air balloon ride is an exciting outdoor activity, which has some restrictions on whom it is suitable for.
Each passenger must be able to enter the baskets, which do not have doors. This movement is similar to mounting and dismounting a horse.
For this experience, passengers should be able to stand for an hour’s length, and be able to jump off a bench.
Although we wish to be accommodating, we are not able to meet ADA standards of accessibility.

What about children?

We love families, and although we would love to accommodate children of all ages, they must be mature enough to understand what they are undertaking, which generally means at least 6 years of age. The child rate applies to children 6 to 12 years of age.

In order to keep hot air in the balloon, our pilots utilize the balloon’s burner system throughout the flight. This action causes a noise which can be too loud for some children’s ears. Our pilots generally keep ear plugs on hand that you may request for your child before the fight.

What about weather?

Since our pilots work with the winds to maneuver the aircraft, weather conditions are particularly important for embarking on a safe flight. There are a number of weather and wind conditions that our pilots consider before deciding to fly, always in the interest of giving our passengers a safe an enjoyable experience!
To give as much of a window of possibility for flights as we can, the final weather call is generally made the morning of the flight, around 5 a.m.

What about the pilots?

Our very experienced commercial pilots have over forty years of ballooning experience combined, on several continents. All of our pilots and balloons are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. With the Wyoming Balloon Company, safety is always first.

How high do you fly?

Each flight is custom tailored to the weather conditions of the day by our experienced aeronauts. We may soar from 1500 to 4000 feet above the launch, depending upon conditions. But whether a mile or a millimeter above the meadow, that lighter-than-air feeling stays with you, and may last long after the gentle landing.

Where do you land and what are landings like?

Soft winds, gentle landings.
We fly on the lee side of the Tetons, where winds are generally light and marvelously varied. Differing winds may occur at different altitudes, which our pilots navigate deftly. Our landings take place upon Snake River Ranch, specific location varying by the winds of the day.

How many people can you take?

We have several different sized hot air balloons whose baskets can hold a range of party sizes. Each balloon flies dependent on weight, with our largest holding up to 16 people. We can accommodate parties of 1-16 people within the same balloon, split in compartments of 3-4 people.

What should we wear?

We recommend wearing the type of footwear you would use for hiking, as this is an outdoor activity, and dressing in layers that will keep you warm at sunrise but can be shed once the sun is out.
Summer mornings in the mountains can be in the low 40s F at the start, and warming up to 60s-70s later on.
Additionally, the burner system that creates the hot air for the balloon will emit heat which can be felt by passengers within the basket.

What are the prices?

Prices per person:
Group adult: $425
Group child (6-12): $325
Private: $750

Included in the price: An hour balloon flight, and a celebration with champagne and fresh juice.
Prices are subject to change at a later date if reservations are not previously confirmed, due to expenses that must be accounted for, such as employees, gas, and propane.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations for parties of 6 or less made 72 hours or more in advance will be fully refunded.
Weather cancellations made by the company will also be fully refunded.

Cancellations for parties of 6 or less within 72 hours of the flight may not be refunded. However, if you are showing symptoms of sickness, please let us know immediately.

Cancellations for parties of 7 or more made within 30 days of flight may not be refunded.

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