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Hot Air Balloon Trips in Jackson Hole

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Whether you are looking to share a flight experience with other travelers, or take an intimate private flight, we would be happy to accommodate you!

Hot Air Balloon Trips in Jackson Hole

See beautiful parkland surrounded by Tetons among seven mountain ranges. Spot bald eagles, elk herds, moose, mule deer, antelope, cowhands, shepherd dogs and herds of cattle. Feel the cool gentle breezes of an open gondola. Touch the leaves of treetops and sage. Smell the fragrance of mountain bouquets. Feel the exhilaration of the original natural flight and the soaring away of all cares in our sunrise balloon flight adventures.

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Meet Your Pilot

Margaret Rose Breffeilh

Margaret Rose Breffeilh spent her childhood summers riding in balloons with her uncle all around the state of Wyoming. While in college she was offered the opportunity to chase for him in Jackson Hole, Wy. and quickly became enchanted. In 2003 she began her journey to becoming a commercial balloon pilot while completing her college degree in Chicago for Choreography. She received her private rating in 2005 and commercial certificate in 2008…

Come Fly With Us

Our passengers meet with us at a designated location in Teton Village, where we provide a shuttle to our launch location down the road. Specific meeting details will be made clear upon booking.