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The Ultimate Float Trip in Jackson Hole
Dawn Balloon

Fall in the Tetons
"Thrill of a lifetime"
- JB, Hagerstown, Maryland
Moose artwork on 'The Beast' Balloon
"Absolutely magical"
- JM, Amherst, NH
Springtime Balloon
"Nothing short of spectacular: best views of our trip"
- PC, West Chester, PA
Dusk Balloon

"Stellar! Wow!!"
- LP, Milwaukee, WI
Dawn and Springtime Balloons shadowed by Dusk
"All and more"
- PS, Chicago, IL
The fall colors of Dawn
"Ein super flug!!!"
-WW, O
olonia, Germany
Don't forget the camera and extra film!
"Un vol extraordinaire!"
- LXT, Paris, France

Springtime in the fall!
"Yee haw!! Fab!"
- MMcK, Edniburgh, Scotland
You must remember this - a kiss...

"It's a two shot ride!"
- MD'O Orange County, CA
The fall roundup - of wild elk
- BB, Colorado Springs, CO
Getting up in the morning

"The best way to start a day"

- MF, Jackson, WY
The Mile High Club (Rated G)
"Greatest high since 1968."
-BJ, Pittsburgh, PA
Aspen shadows
"The way to see the valley"
- RB, Stuart, FLA
Group Balloon Ride

Where do we fly?                                               top

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, not Teton Valley, Idaho

We fly over the largest remaining private open space in Jackson Hole, a working ranch bordered by Grand Teton National Park, the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and the Snake River. The Teton Mountain Range rises five thousand feet right from our launch site, without foothills. We offer commanding views of the Jackson Hole Ski and Mountain Resort and Teton Village, all of Jackson Hole and seven mountain ranges, including the Yellowstone Plateau.

The flight lasts about an hour, more or less. The memory lasts for a lifetime. Never again will you think of flying the same way. Your childhood dream has come true!

When do we fly?                                             top


Daybreak, when the first pink rays of the sun are bathing the Tetons in marvelous pastel. The winds are the calmest of the day, the wildlife is often seen, and there is not a better way to start a day. We pick you up about 6 a.m. and return you about 9 to 9:30 a.m.

How high do we fly?                                      top

Always a great view.

Each flight is custom tailored to the weather conditions of the day by our experienced aeronauts. We soar from fifteen hundred to over four thousand feet above the launch, depending upon conditions. But whether a mile or a millimeter above the meadow, that lighter-than-air feeling stays with you, and may last long after the gentle landing.

What about the landings?                               top

Soft winds, gentle landings.

We fly on the lee side of the Tetons, where winds are generally light and marvelously varied. We may have many different winds at different altitudes, which our pilots navigate deftly. Landings can often be so gentle that you don't even know you are on the ground. Because of our light winds and roomy gondolas, we are pleased to accommodate the handicapped and the disabled whenever possible.

What about children?                                      top

We love families.

We try to accommodate children of all ages, but they must be mature enough to understand what they are undertaking, which generally means at least 6 years of age. The child rate applies to children 6 to 12 years of age.

What about the pilots?                                    top    

International experience.

Our very experienced commercial pilots have over forty years of ballooning experience, on several continents. All of our pilots and balloons are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. With the Wyoming Balloon Company, safety is always first.

Is it too exciting?                                                 top

No. It's fun.

Balloons are gentle giants and most people find them both exhilarating and peaceful, not scary at all. Our big roomy gondolas are rock solid and stable, and you float above the Earth while the scenery and wildlife drift quietly below. There is no acceleration, no vibration and mostly no noise, just the smells, sounds and sights of the peaceful mountain environment as you become one with it. We cure acrophobia on a daily basis.

What are the prices?                                           top

$350 per adult, $300 per child

Includes the whole shebang: An hour balloon flight, a celebration with  champagne and fresh juice, a commemorative Aeronaut Certificate and transfers to and from hotels in Jackson and Teton Village.

The child rate applies to children 6 to 12 years of age.

Prices are subject to change at a later date if reservations are not previously confirmed - we buy gas and propane too.


South Park (Eat your heart out Carthman)

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